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Aneri Guidelines is a Higher Education Solutions Web program (HESWP) which is catering to the ever growing niche segment of students in the country today.

Our mission is to create avenues and offer method of spreading education and wisdom to the seekers of knowledge.

Aneri Guidelines offers a bouquet of MCQs with learning materials, necessary for the development of student of Pre-Primary, Primary, Higher & Higher Secondary Schools, etc.

Aneri Guidelines also serve the same to school to make Teaching Learning Process and Evaluation more effective & better in limited period of time.

Aneri Guidelines ensures that the target segment is made aware of the suitability of such programs and ensures conversion.

Aneri Guidelines ensures the entire lifecycle of the program from sourcing as per the guideline to execution of such a program.

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Our Mission

“Our objective I to provide Highly Technical and Interpersonal Education and overall development Training Solutions for the students, which will enhance them and lead to the development in terms of education as well as results.”

Mr. Kachhot